PPSA corner

The Personal Property Securities Act (the PPSA) was enacted in Australia 2009 and came into full operation in 2012. The courts have now commented many times on its operation of the PPSA. Some of the issues covered are:

  • seeking extensions for the 20 business day period allowed for company registrations
  • loss of hired equipment where no registration had been made
  • bailments and consignments
  • sales on retention of title terms
  • what constitutes a ‘seriously misleading defect’ that makes a registration ineffective
  • whether Dale Kerrigan’s arguments from The Castle can be used to strike down the PPSA

Digest of PPSA cases

I  have prepared a digest of the cases that comment on the PPSA.  Please click here to see the digest.  I regularly update the digest to add new cases as they are decided, so please check back from time to time. If you would like me to email you new versions of the digest as I produce them, please complete the form below, or send me an email.